Who is pleasure p dating now dating a transgender

02-Nov-2017 21:08

I was there and thought it was kinda funny how she TRAVELS with him but he say they just friends *side eye* She's a really pretty girl though, she just stayed in the back while he was there. I didn't have to play mommy to none of them - more like big sister.

And he didn't really confirm that they were together...sorta went around the answer and kept saying they were friends....blah, blah, blah lol Well, if they're happy... At least they seem to be a semi-normal young couple where the female isn't isn't a no-class, dirtyfoot defaced by tats and the dude isn't.IDK what I can say about him, but kudos. And I have 3 year old daughter and the only person that plays daddy is her daddy.

I'm just mad Bria lowered her standards being in that Gucci video...maybe she thought b/c Usher was on the track it wouldn't be too bad.I guess!

UGG Classic Short,100% Authentic UGG Australia Boots! that was too funny But I like Marcus Coopers music but he isn't mainstream any way I'll give you some help......

After these pics (above) of Pleasure P and Eddie Murphy's 19 year old gorgeous model daughter Bria surfaced weeks ago, rumors spread that the two were a new couple.