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A pure mathematical function is the most isolated, self-existing and reusable component you can get, as it depends (and only depends! There is no need the encapsulate a function into a component…

which is then managed by a component container (game-object) and defines a lot of messages and events to get the data to the right point.

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I was experimenting with component-based game engine architectures for 2 years and eventually stumbled upon (OOP) viewpoint to why I think FRP helps to write more reusable code.And how does this fit into the automatic Position-Mover-communication?In the book A software component is a software element that conforms to a component model and can be independently deployed and composed without modification according to a composition standard.For the communication of components in our engine we used messages, events or let them directly search for components implementing a specified interface, which is illustrated in the following diagram: In component-based architecture we were mostly concerned about the component intercommunication, like the player movement for example: Should the Mover-component manipulate the position directly or send movement-messages?

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Or should the Position-component listen to movement-events?

I’m arguing that game-objects are always game-specific but with time-dependent functions you just have to combine the existing functionality in the right way for every specific game-object.

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