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Anticipating the Swedish arrival, Menshikov ordered the merciless massacre of the population, razing the city and destroying or looting arms, ammunition and food.

Two of the redoubts were still being constructed on the morning of the battle, but 4,000 Russians manned the remaining eight, with 10,000 cavalry under General Aleksandr Danilovich Menshikov stationed behind them.

The Pushkaryovka camp, with the Swedish baggage, would be in the southwest corner of the map.

was the decisive victory of Peter I of Russia, also known as "the Great," over the Swedish forces under Field Marshal Carl Gustav Rehnskiöld, in one of the battles of the Great Northern War.

and launched a two-pronged attack by ten regiments around AM, forcing Roos to retreat towards Poltava and refuge in an abandoned fort by AM when he could not make it to the Swedish siege works.

According to Charles and other reports from other Swede officers, the weather at that time was already very hot and humid with the sun obscured by smoke from the Russian cannon in the fort.

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Lewenhaupt led the surviving Swedes and some of the Cossack forces to the Dnieper River, but was doggedly pursued by the Russian regular cavalry and 3,000 Kalmyk auxiliaries and forced to surrender three days later at Perevolochna, on 1 July.