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16-Oct-2017 17:52

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Scott’s article doesn’t really come to any conclusions—and in fairness to Mr.

Scott, I don’t see how one come to a definite set of conclusions to such a hairy, complex and contentious topic. Get off my lawn.”) leads me to think that he, like most of us, is still coming to terms with this shift in the cultural landscape and trying to figure out both his own place, and the role of media criticism, within it.

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The fundamental difference with then and now is that then it was thematic—now it is .

The idea of branding may not make all the difference, but it is a crucial point, especially where nerd culture is concerned.

If there is one thing the modern geekosphere latches onto, it is branding.

Children have become more media savvy and their tastes are more refined than they were twenty years ago; in turn, adults are seeing fewer and fewer compelling reasons why they should live out their lives consuming media produced for adults.

One can easily put this in the context of wider phenomena; people are getting married and having children later, the idea of the lifelong “career” is dying, student loan debt postpones or halts many life milestones altogether, and financial dependence on parents well into one’s twenties has become more and more commonplace.As with reading and other blockbuster young adult novels, Pokémon had become a common, even (arguably) acceptable pastime for adults.