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16-Nov-2017 05:15

Yesterday's events came flooding back, leaving her feeling ashamed.

It wasn't a dream, or a naughty fantasy, the dreadful events had happened!

Pulling her long hair into pig tails was a ploy to continue deceiving Paul. He had rescued her from a group of teenagers while performing a sordid act with one of them. He was supposed to start on Monday, so she would have to terminate the contract as soon as she got away from his home. She felt like a little girl, instead of the mature woman she was supposed to be.

After the inexcusable behaviour of yesterday, it was difficult not to think of herself as a disgusting slut.

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She was a bad girl, and had been spanked for her wicked behaviour. The idea of this man taking her home to inform her husband of what he had witnessed, was terrible. Like, really, I promise to be a good girl in future, honest, sir," she stammered. She was regressing into the role of a suppressed teenager.

She sighed heavily, knowing the humiliating pretence would have to be maintained for a little while longer. I'll have to tell your parents something, when I deliver you home," Paul sternly spoke. Telling her husband she had sucked off that young gang leader, and was about to carry on with the others, just wasn't possible. Pretending to be an adolescent was vital, until she escaped home. He knew she was married, and didn't want him to meet her husband. I'll be a good girl, honest, sir," Bernice pleaded. Until then, go to your room, and think about what you are, and what your parents expect of you," Paul ordered. He wondered how her parents had treated her, and if that had something to do with the games she played. It was the usual stilted neutral message people left. With the promise of a payment she was willing to spend the weekend with them.

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