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06-Nov-2017 18:42

This interview has been edited for clarity and length. What if you got a call tomorrow that she would love to do the show? I don’t think I’d handle Hillary Clinton any differently than I would a musician. But politicians have been getting bullied forever and I’m not so cynical.

I had a three hour conversation with Billy Joel and we really talked about his music writing process, how this happened, how it evolved, and his relationship with his parents, his marriages, the love of the piano and the songwriting process and also the torture of it. Who really would want to go through this scrutiny and the torture and the criticism? I certainly don’t believe that a young person goes into politics with the idea, I’m going to get rich. Is it any different from Steven Tyler saying I want to write songs since I was 9 years old?

And please, advisors, that doesn’t mean popping up on “Carpool Karaoke.” It’s time to go on Stern.

Don’t do “The Howard Stern Show” because he’s been a Hillary supporter.

(You have to wonder how he’d feel now, however, if his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, “checked out” on his daughter and trusted adviser, Ivanka Trump, who turned 35 in October.)I made a mental note of Trump’s thoughts on women of 35—more “locker room” talk, I’m sure—when the story surfaced last fall.

During those glory days, the prospect of his presidency was but a bad dream, and I was a spritely 34—still safely in the realm of what Trump would deem dateable!

Now that I’m expecting a baby (my last, I guess) in a few weeks, multiple doctors and one very scary genetic counselor have reminded me of my higher-risk “advanced maternal age” status.

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tape (never forget), we all know the president-elect thinks it’s kosher to grab women’s genitals without their consent and that he considered furniture shopping with Nancy O’Dell to be some sort of bizarro foreplay.Why do women of this particular age seem to be sent the message that they’re overripe, undesirable, and somehow creeping into Miss Havisham territory? Thirty-five seems to be the age at which you’re officially no longer young.You’re aged out of those plum “30 under 30” lists, because it just counts more if you launch the next Warby Parker or run a hot new Hulu show when you’re fresh out of college.I wonder what you thought of Bill Clinton’s speech at the convention. And I will tell you the reason he’s such a good guest on your show is because he’s unfiltered and he’s ready to say anything. In the same way that Mick Jagger would be the Holy Grail and the same way that when I talk with Paul Mc Cartney, it’s the Holy Grail.

Rachel Maddow called it “shocking and weird” because he was talking about Hillary as the object of his desire and, of course, he had his famous affair. He’s been a regular guest on the Stern show over the years. Before Trump even got in the race, way before he got in the race, I had announced I was supporting Hillary. and the more comfortable I am, it’s like when you have someone over. What did he tell you when asked him why he’s running? I think she’s a fascinating person and I also think no one has sat down with her and really provided a forum for her to not be the politician but to be the human being. The dinner conversation I would have privately with Hillary Clinton is the conversation I’d like to put on the radio. And you can ask him, ‘gee, when you wrote ‘Maybe I’m Amazed,’ what was on your mind? What was that moment, Hillary, when you decided you wanted to be president? My thing is, ‘wow, as a human being how do you succeed? ) Thirty-five is also the precise age when women are needled about their biological clocks.

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