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Not far off, two rhinos named Carl and Frank were about to eat a salad made up of wild greens and leaves before leaving for the migration, the special part of their salad being a single dandelion: the last of the season.

As they prepared to eat, Sid stepped in, wiping his dirty foot on the salad, which splattered bits of dung on Carl's face as Sid, unaware of his actions, conversationally stated that rhinos had small brains, capping off his insult by plucking the dandelion and eating it.

Aghast, Sid asked Manfred if he was bluffing, which the mammoth confirmed.

The mammoth staved off the two rhinos by throwing them aside but Sid, in celebration, jumped on his face, pushing both mammoth and sloth over the cliff, where they slid off, landing at the bottom.

Carl and Frank, who had had enough, angrily closed in on Sid, who tried to offer them pine cones to make up for his mistake, taking one in his hand and putting it in an angry Frank's mouth, closing his jaws for him before he ran as fast as he could from the two rhinos.

Sid bumped into a lone mammoth named Manfred, who stood at the edge of a cliff and pleaded to the mammoth to hide him from the rhinos, who stood not far off, but Manfred, uninterested in helping the sloth, would not.

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Not only did Sid find true love, but he and the herd ended up diverting the asteroid, saving the planet.

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