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Asked which are Leningrad's favourite topics, he says simply: "Corruption, politics, religion and sex." The only time Schnur gets fired up is when we talk about Chelsea and its Russian owner Roman Abramovich."It's strange for me that the governor of Chukotka invests in English football, although he has achieved tangible results.A "man eating chicken" (note missing hyphen) seems to be an especially popular variant. Another popular comedic variant is "You see this object here? "There were great live bands and clubs in St Petersburg then," he says."It meant more to sell out smaller, hotter venues than play big, cold stadiums." Look, I want a straight answer, is there someone else, or isn't there, yes, or no?

A simple statement becomes a bit of wordplay caused by an unclear modifier. They expect him to get an over-commercialized tree, made of pink aluminum? I support Zenith [a St Petersburg club] and Arsenal.I don't like Chelsea that much because of their pragmatic style - although what can you expect from a team owned by such a pragmatic man?This 15-piece Russian ska/punk/salsa/rock/gypsy/hip-hop outfit, formed by Sergey Shnurov in St Petersburg in 1997, are the darlings of millions of vodka-fuelled Russian youngsters and expat hellraisers.

Their popularity is at odds with the radio play they get - virtually none, owing to their contentious, often obscene lyrics.

It's not "he doesn't have to shoot ''you'' now", it's "he doesn't have to shoot ''me'' now".