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Yet just as human beings make their own history, they also make their own cultures and ethnic identities.

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‘The naming ‘TESOL’ already assigns dichotomous Self-Other subject positions to teacher and learner.

It is always an inherently political endeavour which is carefully packaged ‘in a mantle of the apolitical’ (15)In trying to move away from the role of the language to examine the role of such accumulated power and authority in British circles Said lists some of the historical moments in which Britain has had an explicit display of power over colonies and concludes that while Orientalist novelists and historians derive their authority from these obvious superiority in known ‘power’ they at the same time are a part of the discursive mechanism of power creation through creating “worlds” in which such power relations are presupposed.

Much of the same thing can be said about , positivism, modernity and the so-called “enlightenment” and continue to subliminally assume universality in academic endeavours.

The argumentation theory and systematisation of fallacies in argumentation e.g.

In discussing the first “Gulf war” (the name being controversial itself!

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Said tries to explain the complexity of the concept of ‘nationalism’ in the context of anti-imperialistic struggles; "'nationalism' is a word that still signifies all sorts of undifferentiated things, but it serves me quit adequately to identify the mobilizing force that coalesced into resistance against an alien and occupying empire on the part of peoples processing a common history, religion, and language.” (269)At the same time he shows that such , anti-colonial, anti-imperialist movements in colonial or more contemporary world tends to pave the way for authoritarian regimes who, in turn, derive their legitimacy from such discourses.“Nationality, nationalism, ; the progression is, I believe, more and more constraining.

As such there appear to be a circularity in production and consumption of Orientalist ideologies.“what Ruskin, Tennyson, Meredith, Dickens, Arnold, , George Elliot, Carlyle, Mill- in short the full roaster of significant Victorian writers- saw was a tremendous international display of British power virtually unchecked over the entire world.