Chat on ipod to sluts

14-Aug-2017 00:56

"Make me cum slut, make me cum all over your face," Mary screamed as she was approaching orgasm before throwing her head back on the hood of the car, spreading her legs out completely and loudly orgasming, her juices overflowing her cunt and ending up on Kate's lips and tongue."My turn now slut" Mike said, grabbing her hair roughly and pulling back, taking long, deep strokes into her cunt, until he finally pushed in as far as he could and shot his load deep into her waiting cunt. "Something like that," he said, getting back into the car with Mary and driving off."I guess we'll have to show you what happens to little sluts like you who think sex can solve everything." With that she grabbed Kate and kissed her, Kate, being shocked at this turn of events took a second to realize what was going on.Between being kissed by the female officer and having his hands all over her body she realized how horny she was getting.She loved college, she had made a lot of great friends already, and it was only her sophomore year.She was driving along a two-lane back road, a shortcut a friend recommended to her to cut some time driving back to campus, changing a song on her i Pod, and then looking up at the mirror to check her make up, as she was meeting her friends at a bar to celebrate everyone getting back into town." he asked "My partner and I have a couple of questions for you." "No problem officer," she said, for the first time feeling like it is somewhat amiss.

Mary was rubbing her clit as Kate lapped greedily at her juice and sucked on the pussy lips.The cop put his hand on the window and leaned down "Hello miss, do you know how fast you were going? "Great, he's not only a young guy, but he's cute, this will be easy" she thought to herself "Sorry officer, I know I was going a little too fast, but there is no one else on the road and I am just trying to make it back to Courdry to meet up with some friends before classes start," she said, pushing her chest out some and trying to pout her lips.