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I’m homeless and she has the cottage and she’s not even living in it, she’s renting it out, as she has accommodation with her job.Once I’ve sold the flat, I’ll have to rent.’Not at all, it seems. I might very well change some things, but I wouldn’t want to do away with all the fun I’ve had.Sharp dressers: Mike and Anne Diamond arrived together in Hyde Park for a Luciano Pavarotti concert in July 1991.Mike was shocked by the ruling, and surprised that he had to hand so much money over to Kimberley bearing in mind that she is at the beginning of her career while his is coming to an end He tries to be philosophical about their parting, saying: ‘She and I had discussed the possibility that we would separate.

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He said the judge did not accept Kimberley’s evidence that she had not been co-habiting with Mr Swift, nor her explanation that she ‘misunderstood’ the term.‘I was quite shocked that after just 12 weeks I ended up having to give her a house and £100,000 when she’s with a very wealthy guy, and already has a fair amount of money of her own.If someone leaves you after 12 weeks of marriage, it’s something of a shock.