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Prices start from .90/month for 1 domain and 2 competitors, and a 30-day free trial is available.There is no shortage of news aggregator sites available.Prime Minister Harper’s cabinet, for instance, is around 30% female though only about 18% of his parliamentary caucus is.

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Since it’s not just the Conservative Party who find women generally unrepresented in their parliamentary caucus (only ten of the Liberals 36 MPs are female), such a promise would almost certainly sacrifice executive branch competence at the alter of identity politics.

Things get even worse when it comes to the Supreme Court, where Trudeau says all future appointments must be “functionally bilingual.” Like everywhere else in the Canadian public sector, bilingualism is already a criteria considered when prime ministers evaluate Supreme Court judges, and by law, three of the nine must be from Quebec, which unto itself guarantees the court a bilingual faction considerably larger than the 17% of the Canadian public who claim fluency in French and English.

This progressive paradox of demanding fixed answers within a supposedly “more open” political system appears in numerous other corners of Trudeau’s package of promises.